Why Choose Rattan Furniture?

Rattan furniture undoubtedly appears as one of the top picks when it comes to garden furnishing, being adored for numerous advantages. Irrespective of loving the beauty of rattan garden furniture, you can be surprised by the full list of benefits that accompany it. 

Here are some of rattan furniture’s top advantages you should know: 

  • Durable 

Synthetic rattan, specifically, has an exceptional quality to weatherproof, which is a great benefit for British gardens that in an average experiences 160 days of rain per year. In the UK, where the weather can be most unpredictable, going from a summer like a furnace to a storm in the blink of the eye, selecting outdoor furniture becomes a very important choice. 

Synthetic rattan, fashioned from resilient materials like resin and plastic, is extremely weatherproof. It can sustain any weather condition, including the rainy days as well. Unlike the natural rattan that depreciates with time, the synthetic rattan is resistant to elemental damage and can last for decades, however, it is subject to wear and tear. 

As a result, synthetic rattan furniture is also UV resistant, protecting the furniture from fading and wear when exposed to the sun. This multiple-resistance ability to withstand both water and UV rays emphasizes the wear-and-tear resistance of this material in the harshest of British weather conditions with the promise of a long-lasting and beautiful end product. 

  • Stylish Yet Practical 

Rattan garden furniture provides a combo of functionality and beautiful look, by means of weatherproof durability and having little maintenance. These colors make up the palette of the ones like brown, grey, black, natural, whitewash, seagrass, and willow. Brown and grey are the most popular, but there is definitely a color for every garden and every personal taste.  

Whether you’re trying to add a touch of color to your living space or looking for a style suitable for any occasion, rattan furniture has it all. Whether you are looking for a dining set for a formal occasion or casual dining sets for a relaxed setting, sun loungers or corner sofa groups, or a day bed or cube sets, you will find all the options you need.  

Whatever your needs are, you can choose the rattan garden furniture set that fits your kitchen, dining room or bedroom taste and needs. 

  • Ease of maintenance 

Due to its minimalistic and straightforward nature, rattan requires very little cleaning effort or time, freeing you from unnecessary hassle. If you are in a hurry, no worries! Just grab a brush and you will be able to dust off the furniture in no time. 

Rattan furniture, in general, is easy to care for and mostly stays clean. However, regular cleaning is recommended. It’s a simple process: combine the washing up liquid with warm water, wipe the furniture, then let the air dry it out leaving a glossy finish. 

The secret is in the gentle washing which is aimed at prevention of excessive water intake, thus defying mold growth. With this way of cleaning, you will have a neat and tidy rattan furniture without taking a lot of time to maintain. 

  • Flexible use 

Rattan furniture, which was usually used as outdoor furniture, is now more and more seen inside the home, adding a contemporary style to the interiors. Transitioning to indoor use, its versatile nature allows it to be restored without a fuss and creates an inviting atmosphere with neutral tones like grey, black, and natural brown. 

Conservatories in particular, fill this gap, melding interior coziness, with the outdoors appeal. With its warm and casual look, the rattan fibers are a great addition to the room. Cushions and throws also add comfort to the room, and thereby lift up style quotient. Bringing rattan inside boosts the variety and blends the elegance with such naturalness, making the atmosphere more exciting. 

Lotus Garden Collections 

We are a family-run, small business situated in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, just a few minutes off the M6, with our specialty being handmade, custom-made rattan garden furniture sets.  

Our amazing collections are tailored to give your landscape a stylish look. They can be used in patios, summerhouses, conservatories and gardens to give your property a touch of luxury and class. 


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